R Rated-Movies, Dining Out, Lots of Sex & Partying Like a Rockstar!

Okay yesterday's post was a little intense so I'm ready to lighten the mood a bit. Last week I made a call on Facebook for suggestions of things we needed to do before we become parents.  Stuff that might be more difficult to do once Elian arrives.  The results were hilarious and I promise that we are diligently working on doing it all.  I kicked it off by going wine tasting with Em, Lisa and Debs last night.  Lisa can attest that I was a bit silly so you can cross Maritza's suggestion off the list...  Here's the wisdom Facebook provided me with.  Last names removed to preserve some sort of privacy for the respondents. :) SLEEP!!!!! It will be YEARS until you get a full night's sleep! And a purse - you'll be donning a diaper bag until your child is 4, and it's just easier to use that as your purse.-Sharon M.

Go see R rated movies and eat at restaurants. It'll be a lot tougher to do that soon. -Ryan K.

See as many movies as possible. And go out as much as possible. Much easier with two than with three. You will love it though. -Amber S.

Sleep and a movie in the theater!-Melissa W.

You should party like a rockstar!-Judy T. (I think this is my favorite suggestion.  It's just so all-encompassing)

Have lots and lots of sex.-Kelley M.

Go to the fanciest restaurants you can afford because those places will be a rarity soon...you'll be going to places like River City Grill near Target (great for kids but nice for adults, too) and the Elephant Bar and the California Pizza Kitchen. And, oh yes, McDonalds. -Eileen

I think that it would be nice if you make all those things that your friends have told you, and it's important that don't forget: Get the last drunk! Sleep as long as you can! Make a litle of exercise, because you can't be tired! And the most important: Take a picture before and after, of your house looks like, because you can't forget how your lifes get a change :) -Martiza T.

Posted on December 10, 2009 and filed under Adoption.