Nothing to Do with Anything

I still have no camera cord so you get old fotos of Nutella because I can't bear to post without pics.  It feels wrong and against nature.  Pictures of her are always the most popular posts anyways.    This is from when she was a conehead or as the vet says "wearing an elizabethan collar".  No seriously, that's the technical name for the cone.  The cord is due to arrive tomorrow.  I am dying to upload our pics from NY so cross your fingers. On the adoption front I think we are in the eye of the storm, a strange moment of calm before the whirlwind picks us up and carries us away.  Yesterday Andres delivered pictures of us that will be used to prepare Elian for our arrival.  His foster mother will show him the pictures everyday and say "This is your Mom.  Your Dad.  Your puppy.  Your home.  Your Grandma etc. etc."  I hope and pray that she is diligent about this because it is suppose to greatly aid the children in the transition process.  On the other hand it is totally surreal to think that somewhere in Bogota our son is sitting in his foster mother's lap while she holds our pictures and teaches him about the life we will soon all share.

Posted on December 1, 2009 and filed under Adoption.