No Carb Left Behind Tour

We ate a lot in NY and by a lot I mean ENORMOUS ridiculous definitely unhealthy amounts of food.  We were on the kind of schedule where you are taking cake breaks regularly and having your 2nd dinner around 2:30 am. Seriously, after West Side Story I dragged Arnold all the way back down to Houston to eat at Katz's deli at 2 in the morning.  Which by the way was so totally worth it.  There's a reason that this is the place they chose for Meg Ryan to fake her orgasm in When Harry Met Sally.

The great thing about NY is that you also are forced to walk at least 5 miles a day so it helps to balance out the gluttony, or so you tell yourself.  I would gladly bore you with tales of everything we ate but I'll hold back just this once in favor of telling you about Pearl Oyster Bar in the Village.

We went there in search of what Kat deemed "The best lobster roll outside of Maine".  I have actually never had a Lobster Roll anywhere let alone Maine so I was excited.  I'm a fancy girl, I like lobster.  The restaurant was so cute and warm and it was so windy and cold outside. Everywhere I looked people were eating Lobster Rolls.  I was pretty excited.

I think Arnold and I both ate the whole meal with our eyes closed to better savor the experience.

Even better there were two adorable old men sitting next to us.  They were the kind of old-time New Yorkers with those incredible accents that Californians only see in the movies so I was extra enamored.  And when the one sitting next to me put down his spoon as he finished his appetizer he said slowly "Well, I am sad that part is oveh.  That was really good."  And his friend said "I think this is the best lunch in the city".  To which adorable old man Number 1 said "What are you talkin about? They serve dinner too!"

And that pretty much sums up how I felt about everything we ate in NY.  At the end of each meal I felt like "Well, I'm sad that part is oveh.  But now it's time for dinner."

Posted on December 3, 2009 and filed under Adventures in the World.