Clean is Good

Our little rubber ducky loves taking baths, which is great because we’re currently bathing him a tiny bucket.   We have to seat him Indian style so that he fits.  Then we place this tiny bucket on a stool in the shower so Arnold doesn’t break his back.  It’s about as safe as it sounds.  Except that superMom technichal advisor Offir sat there and gave us step by step instructions as in “Okay, now wash his armpits”

The first night I was kind of terrified of the bathing process since Elian wasn’t really taking well to having his clothes taken off at all.  We’ve also had many a bad experience trying to wash our high-strung puppy so perhaps it’s our personal history that made it so scary.

It didn’t help that he started freaking out the minute we took him to the bathroom but apprently that was just some kind of pre-bath confusion because he LOVES taking a bath.  He loves splashing, he loves trying to drink his dirty bath water and he absolutely loves playing with the foam blocks that Dahlia and Mark got him.  He also didn’t mind that all five of us crowded in the bathroom watching Arnold give him his first bath.  Elian is nothing if not a star.

Later that night when Andres came home all of us who were “privileged enough” to be there for the first bath exciteldly showed him the videos.  His reacion “Oh my God, It’s like “Washing babies for dummies instructional video”

Posted on December 24, 2009 and filed under Adoption, Livin la Vida Loca.