This is a cross post from my guest-stint over at "Raising Colombian Kids".  A Top Ten List of Things I love about Colombia and look forward to doing, eating and experiencing on our trip.  Thanks for the great suggestion Melinda.  I loved putting this list together.  Note:  Except for Number 1 this list is in no particular order.

10. La Candelaria: I love Colonial architecture and I could walk around this Bogota neighborhood taking pictures and admiring the view for days.
9. Ciclovias on Sundays: Every Sunday the main arteries of Bogota are closed so that families can ride bikes, run and walk through the city. I can't wait to spend time walking down the Avenidas with my little boy.
8. Beautiful Churches: Churches in Colombia are open to the public anytime. When I lived in Chile I used to wander around Santiago and visit churches to pray at totally random times. Last year I visited many churches and prayed that we would be given a child.  This year we have so much to thank God for!
7. Hot Dogs: There is lots of great food in Colombia but I love the hot dogs. They are topped with crushed potato chips and a whole lot of other stuff that I'm sure is not part of the 5 a Day diet. I'm already stocking up on salad to prepare myself for the "No hotdog left behind tour"
6. Empanadas: No explanation needed. Order many, many empanadas. Apply directly to face. Repeat as many times as necessary.
5.  Cumbiaaaaaaaa!: I used to teach latin dance. My specialty was salsa. Colombia has the best dance and music scene in Latin America. Shakira, Juanes, Cabas, Grupo Gale, La Sonora Carruseles. The list goes on and on and on. The second CD I ever bought was Pies Descalzos by Shakira. That was A LONG time ago. When I bought that first CD I didn't speak spanish and I never imagined I'd ever go to Colombia, let alone have family there.  Life is sometimes a wonderful surprise, que no?
4.  Christmas Lights: You know the crazy person who puts lights all over their house? All of Bogota is like that house. It is the place where Christmas exploded. I love to walk around listening to villancicos and crashing novenas being held at the malls.
3. Chocolate and Cheese: Take delicious hot chocolate, add one rainy day and some delicious fresh cheese as an oozy treat at the bottom. Savory and sweet, it's a classic combo, like salted caramels. I like La Puerta Falsa, it's more than 100 years old and super-close to Plaza Bolivar .

2. Street Vendors! I love buying stuff on the street. Obleas and aromaticas are especially welcome in drizzly Bogota. In Bogota bargaining to get a good price is half the fun. Not for obleas of course, but always for your "Se habla espanol" t-shirt.

1. My family. Colombia has already given me my husband, my wonderful extended family and many good friends. In a few days Colombia is giving me the greatest gift of all, my first child. Te amo Colombia querida, de todo corazon!

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