The West Side

In the last post I referred to myself as the luckiest girl in the world because we got to see In the Heights last Thursday.  In the Heights was AMAZING and I thought it would be the highlight of our trip until Arnold and I won FIRST ROW TICKETS to see the Broadway Revival of West Side Story at the Palace Theater.  Now I don't even know what to say about the blessings heaped in my lap. There aren't words.

In New York everything was so magical for us, it was like a second honeymoon.  One where we slept on the floor of someone's apartment but still everything was so romantic, it seemed almost magical.  I knew Arnold would love New York and I was right.  We had the most fun ever, so when he suggested that we go find out how much the nosebleed seats were for West Side Story I said "Why not?"  Two musicals in one week seemed normal after two days in NY.   

When we got there it was 5 minutes before the daily lottery.    Two hours before the show you can submit your name and if called you get to buy two first row tickets for $25 each.  To compare, these tickets would normally cost $300... each. And when we entered the raffle I turned to him and said "We're going to win, I know it!"  And when they pulled the last ticket out of the hat it was my name they called.  I  wept with joy I was so happy.  And it was maybe one of the best productions I've ever seen.  The dancing was tight, the singing was beautiful and the story is timeless.  It was a once in a lifetime experience.

Posted on November 16, 2009 and filed under Adventures in the World, Bossy Pants Recommends.