Cribs kind of look like cages?

Even though the timeline hasn't been going well eventually Elian is coming home and we need to stop moping and get ready for him.  To that end we've finally gotten serious about prepping the house... which is an excellent excuse to go to my second home, IKEA.  Obviously I needed some tech support so I called my favorite enginerd, Dahl.  Okay, perhaps IKEA furniture doesn't actually require an engineers services but we had FUN! I've known Dahl since I was 12 years old so it was freaking me out a little to go shopping for cribs let alone putting one together in my house.  At one point I looked her and said "Where does the time go?  I feel like soon we're going be shopping for dentures together."  But lest anyone worry that I might be getting too grown up, the first thing we did after putting the crib together was throw Nutty inside for fun and then stay up till 12 watching the office.

Posted on November 17, 2009 and filed under Adoption, Livin la Vida Loca.