Baby Steps-Warning. This post is boring.

Uh, so I know, everybody is like... "What's about with the adoption?"  Well the answer to that is bureaucracy.  The excruciatingly slow bureaucratic* process of two governments agreeing that we can go get him.  This in a nutshell is what has been happening since my "pity party" post. 1) We send in our 2nd pre-approval request to US Immigration.

2) They receive it in Texas, look at it and realize we don't need to pay for this particular part of the process (because we already paid).  Then they send it to Missouri.  This took 2 weeks.

3) In Missouri they look at the app and decide to approve us.  This takes 1 day.  Then they send it to the Natl. Benefits Center in West Virginia via snail mail of course.  I mean it's 2009, why use the internet?

3) In West Virginia they get it look at and then send  something called an "Article 5 Letter" it to the US embassy in Bogota.  They send this letter using the magic of "e-mail".  You'd think this would be instantaneous but it's not.

4) Once it gets to Bogota the embassy calls our "Facilitator" (Colombian contact) she picks it up and gets it translated by an "official translator" of course and then we will finally be allowed to get an "Encuentro" or pick up date.

We are currently between steps 3 and 4.  Although the letter was sent through this magic "e-mail" system on Nov. 18th it has yet to "arrive" in Bogota.  Why, who knows?  But hopefully it will "arrive" sometime after Thanksgiving.    Meanwhile we are doing misc. adopted related chores like getting fingerprinted again (6th time) and notarizing stuff just for the smell of it.  Woot.  I will note that it's actually not US Immigration's fault that we were delayed, they are actually the only ones who've done anything in a timely fashion.  Adoption is a strange world, huh?

*It took me like 10 years to figure out how to spell bureaucratic.

Posted on November 24, 2009 and filed under Adoption.