Baby FAQ Time!

OMG!  I can't believe this is really happening!?!  Seriously????

I know us too!  Right now, everything is totally surreal.  Everything.

When are you leaving? How long will you be gone?  Can I housesit for you?

Good question my friends!  I wish I knew but it's highly dependent on US Immigration and how fast they process our remaining paperwork.   We'll probably be leaving in mid-November and coming back in early January.  And thanks for offering to housesit but we've got it covered. :)

I liked Triceratops!  Why did you name him Elian?

Elian means Light and is in honor of his birth mother whose name also means light.  She brought him into the world and subsequently our lives and we will always be thankful to her.  Emmanuel was suggested by Abuelita Carmen who was adamant that he looked like an Emmanuel.   It also means "Sent from God" and we thought it fitting to give the honor of his middle name to his abuelita who is bravely traveling across the seas to care for him.

Tell us about the BABY!

Well our little guy is 15 months old, 22 lbs and WALKING!  That's right he's already mobile, if not steady on his feet and we're told his biggest interest is "grabbing things".  It's also been noted that he "EATS VERY WELL".  Literally the Dr. put that in capital letters in his medical report.  We like grabbing things and eating VERY WELL so I think he's a perfect match.

And now... brace yourself for the cuteness.First Pics Elian

Posted on October 20, 2009 and filed under Adoption.