Ready for a quick culture lesson?  In Colombia there's something called "giving papaya" and let me tell you "papaya" isn't something you want to give. In English we say "asking for it". It's the opportunity for someone to tease you or make fun of you in some way.  For example if you say somethign stupid or wear something dorky you are giving papaya.  There are two rules to papaya 1) You should try not to give it.

2) If someone else give it, you must take it.

This is why when Lisa thought that my new short hair was a wig I was wearing for the party Arnold felt obligated to lie to her and say "Yes, isn't it a great wig?"  He was obligated to take the Papaya!  It's a cultural rule.

My friends and family used to give him a lot of Papaya that he would happily take.  Now 10 years into our relationship people are wising up. They've finally seen past his innocent smile.  There is only one person who has never given Arnold papaya and that is my Uncle Jim.  I think it is his legal training that has prevented him from falling victim to the Papaya.  When were in the mountains and Arnold was making up ludicrous stories about seeing all-white albino deer the night before my Aunt Carole innocently believed him.  She excitedly started remarking about how unusual that was!  My Uncle however began with a cross-examination of when, where and what the deer looked like.  I was so pleased to watch Arnold flounder around as my Uncle Jim took HIS papaya.

Posted on October 2, 2009 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.