Fresno Fun

Justy and JessicaLast weekend we headed down to Fresno to celebrate Justy's 30th B-Day.  The idea of driving three hours to go to FRESNO to attend a party doesn't sound fun but it was because Justy and Ching now how to throw down!  The numbers just add up right 180 oysters, 2 trays of bacon wrapped scallops, 9 tri-tips and short ribs just add up to good times.  Plus it was time to take Nutty home for a visit with her birth family.   It turns out though, that out of everybody, the person she looks most like is... Justina's Brother Josh! Is it me or do they have the same exact expression?  Like the American Gothic painting.

Over the course of the weekend she barfed on me and peed on someone else's bed.  I'm sure they can't wait to have us back again.

Posted on October 12, 2009 and filed under Adventures in the World.