Embrace The Chaos

I tend to overcomplicate my life.  Exhibit A: My idea to get a Master's Degree for "fun. " Exhibit B: Spending most of my 20s working three jobs.  So I thought, hey adopting a child won't be a big enough change, I should really file paperwork for my Mother-In-Law to immigrate here.  She can help us care for Triceratops, we can help her sew stuff for us!  Win-win! Carmen on her first flight.  Practice for the big trip to the US!

Oh yeah, didn't I mention this?  My mother-in-law Carmen is gonna live with us, in our MANSION!  Oh, I mean in our "cozy" house.   Double the immigration paperwork, double the fun!  Like Jason said "Wow, Em, sometimes your life really does seem like a reality show."

I wish!  If we were a reality show, I'd be getting paid!  Maybe I should start pitching titles like... uh, well I can't think of anything.  Ideas?

Posted on October 13, 2009 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.