Blogging Bliss

Blogging is kind of a weird method of communication.  You just sit around in your jammies "publishing" your opinions and thoughts about life or stuff and then people read it!  Mostly at their office, but sometimes sitting around in their jammies too.  And a lot of the time the things people find interesting or notable is the stuff that I think would most bore other people.  Case in point: Nutella.  Since she joined Casa Perez people have been asking and asking for more pictures of Nutella.  Skip your dumb descriptions of your swimming lesson triumphs, we want more PUPPY! Another surprisingly popular topic was Mr. Rogers!  Who knew?  I was kind of embarrassed that I think he's so cool but apparently tons of people are into Mr. Rogers and more than I realize are reading the blog because last week Dahlia showed up at my doorstep with a Mr. Rogers Biography! Squee!  Presents!

Mr. RogersI love the cover design.  Sweaters and ties never looked so heroic.  I was of course completely enthralled because I like Mr. Rogers, Dahlia and getting gifts.  I especially like getting Mr. Roger's themed gifts from Dahlia for absolutely no reason.

Posted on October 15, 2009 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.