Turned 30. Time for snip snip.

It feels weird to hold your hair in your hand. I grew my hair out for more than a year to donate it to a charitable organization.  At the end I felt like I had a dead rat on my head so I happily cut it off.  Then I came home and freaked out that I looked like Johnny Depp in the Willy Wonka re-make, or perhaps a Mario-brothers 1-up Mushroom.  Arnold said it looked great but I didn't believe him, he's a good liar that way.  At my b-day party he convinced Lisa that my hair was a wig.  He said "I didn't plan to lie but then I just had to!"  Only Arnold would consider inventing stories an obligation... but I digress... back to me and my hair.  Shauntay and Greta proclaimed it modern and stylish and they always tell it to me straight so my non-crisis is now averted.   I've now reached the absolute height of narcissism, blogging about my hair.

Posted on September 16, 2009 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.