To be or not to be?

People ask me a lot if I'm planning on becoming Catholic because I've been attending a Catholic church for like the past 8 years.  I really love my church but usually I answer somewhere along the lines of "Uh, no way Jose. Catholics are crazy." Unless the person asking me is Catholic and then I say no in a polite and respectful way.  Manners can be fun! But lately I've been thinking about it... because we're probably going to raise Triceratops in the Catholic church and I'm kind of into family unity but I kind of feel like I need a better reason than that... and that's where Catholic "Eve" comes in.  Her name isn't really "Eve" that's just a weird pseudonym because I think it's kind of rude to blog about people without their permission.

Anyways, I sat next to her at the Ramadan dinner last month and she was for me, a revelation.  She's a Catholic convert and I asked her all about her story because I am very friendly/nosy.  Here's where it gets interesting.  She was a minister in another Christian denomination and she felt so strongly called to become Catholic that she gave up her ordination.  She said it was horrible and that she felt like she was cheating on a spouse.  Crazy, right?  She was laughing about the drama of it all. So sweet and funny and best of all honest.  She said "You know, whatever.  Catholicism is not for everybody.  Don't worry about it, if your meant to be Catholic God will make it clear.  I became Catholic because I could not deny my calling."

Oh man, if only I could get out of my head for 5 seconds and think like that. I excel at worrying about everything excessively.   Eve was cool smart, fun and best of all NOT CRAZY.   Hmmm, Catholicism is not looking so crazy after all...

Posted on September 28, 2009 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.