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My Booky Wook Favorite Line:  They asked me to make a list of women I've wronged.  I felt like Saddam Hussein trying to pick out individual Kurds.

I saw Russell Brand on the 2008 VMA's and pretty much instantly disliked him.  Then I saw him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and decided that I felt neutrally towards him. Then I heard him on NPR's Fresh Air and he unaccountably started to grow on me.  And that's how this book is, it's too long and kind of hard to get through but there is something about it that kind of grows on you.  I kind of like how he is not the perfect "recovering" drug addict.  I think normally I want people who've gone down bad paths to be perfectly angelically repentant about their past lives and too my utter frustration Russell Brand pretty much refused that. He's kind of pain in the ass that way. I think it's also what makes the book good, through his attempts to find humor in his chaotic life you can see exactly how lost he was and exactly why.  Even thought the book is supposedly funny I found it to be kind of painful to read.  Instead of saying "I felt lost and sad etc. etc." he tells you the things he was doing to himself and the despair is even more overt and raw.  After reading the book, I feel the same way I do about the Russell Brand, despite my best efforts and all common sense, I kind of think he's cool.

Posted on September 22, 2009 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends.