BTW, I'm in a committed relationship

Baby, I'm gonna buy you things you can't even pronounce... like cubic zirconia Last weekend Justy came up to take me out to an early birthday dinner.  Anyone who knows her is that she is a zealous and generous present giver and important-day remember.  She even calls me every year to celebrate my wedding anniversary despite the fact that she suffered a terrible loss on that same day.  You can find her contact info at  Anyhoo she came up and we ate some ridiculously good pizza.  And by some, I mean WAY TOO MUCH.  Well, Arnold and I ate too much.  Justy ate 3 pieces like a normal person.  And then since I have been talking ad naseum about how I want a big garish Jenny-on-the Block-style ring she got me one as a present.  It is so awesome and I'm loving it, but I love Justy even more and I'm guessing that she friend-loves me too... that's why when people ask me about my ring I tell them "She liked it so she put a ring on it"

Posted on September 9, 2009 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.