We're off to see the Wizard

Arnold, Tara, Lisa, Debs, Em and Victoria Have I ever mentioned that I am a big fat failure when it comes to introducing Arnold to mainstream American culture?  I'm trying to remedy that lately.  Right now it mostly consists in giving him a brief overview of 90s music.  But last week I got to check off on more box.  The Wizard of Oz! Arnold had never seen the Wizard of Oz!  Apparently it's also quite popular in other countries because when Hernan heard this he was VERY UPSET and e-mailed me to know what other facts about Arnold I had been withholding from the general public.  Like whether or not he had ever eaten tomatoes or something like that.  Anyways, last week our friend Jason invited us all to a sing-a-long showing of the Wizard of Oz which was a fundraiser for a summer youth camp.  Singing for charity?  Count us in!  A few things to note:

1)  Have you seen the wizard lately?  I forgot what a great movie it is.  Judy Garland is so adorable and the whole things is quite funny.

2) Now that I am a pet owner I've gone soft.  Both Lisa and I got teary when the neighbor tried to take Toto.

3) There was a raffle and our little group won like 8 out of 15 prizes.  Lisa won 3! She only had six tickets.  I should mention that Emily generously gave away one of the centerpieces she won.  I generously gave my centerpiece to my dining room table.

Posted on August 5, 2009 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.