Last night was so peaceful.  The Delta Breeze was whispering through the trees and we had spent the day on unusually, healthy and wholesome activiites.  Swimming, reading, eating mini-Sundaes.  It was great.  We were even judiciously going to bed early. As I sat in the bathroom angelically brushing my teeth I sighed with satisfaction over our perfect day. And then... I heard Arnold running and I mean RUNNING through the house.  I heard him skid towards the sliding glass door and start screaming at Nutella urgently.  At 10:30 at night.  And anyone who knows Arnold knows that he doesn't scream ever. Period.  I knew only one thing could get him to scream like that:  Valentino/a's revenge.

I closed my eyes for three seconds before I went out to help.  And I saw exactly the scene I was expecting... Arnold screaming at Nutella as she sat barking at a skunk.  Apparently moments after trying to sniff its butt.  She's cute, but obviously mentally deficient.  I accidentally slammed her into the coffee table once so it might be my fault.  But back to the story...

I finally got Nutty to come in and we sighed with relief when she didn't come dragging a skunk with her, but she did come in with a definite eau de disgusting about her.  And we... her whipped human parents sprung into action.  Arnold grabbed gloves and I grabbed google.

After determining the appropriate course of action (Only wash the affected area!  Tomato juice not necessary) we threw her in the bathtub and poured half a shampoo bottle on the "affected" area.  Arnold scrubbed and scrubbed while moaning "Parenting is SO HARD!"  Then we dried her with a rag and locked her in her bed so she wouldn't go try to rub off her smell on the couch or something.  During the whole debacle she weirdly seemed to understand it was her fault.  Normally she screams at the sight of the bathtub.  Last night she barely whimpered.  And there was absolutely no protest when Arnold put her to bed and said "Vas a dormir sin tu galleta"  Translation: No bedtime treat for you. Nutty skunked

Posted on August 3, 2009 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.