Best of California

Me, Arnold, Mom, Nate, Andres, Maritz and Kat I'm both hospitable and competitive so when Andres and Martiza said they were coming to California I felt this irrational drive that they must leave my homestate singing it's praises.  So I busted out some of the best that California has to offer: Maghanoy's and wine.  Oh yeahhhhhhhh We arrived to the fairyland that is my parent's house after a 14 hour drive.  My GAD had cooked pitch-perfect adobo and my Mom had fired up the spa. (They have a spa now!  Excellent.)  I was so tired after the drive I almost cried.  Andres took one taste of my parents meal and declared it the best food he'd had since his Mom moved to Argentina two years ago.  And if you know how Colombian men are about their mommies you'd know that was  HUGE compliment.  When I gushed to my GAD about how good it was he said "I know." Classic Maghanoy.

Anyways the next day we took it too another level.  That would be my brother Nathan and wine tasting.  Yup, we got our own personal wine-tasting and tour, complete with a stop to the VIP wine tasting room.  Oh, yeah, and then after resting up from our exhausting morning of wine tasting he took us to swim at La Jolla.  Hard Day, but we made it.

Andres, Martiza and Nathan.

Posted on August 25, 2009 and filed under Adventures in the World, Maghanoy Madness.