At least I'm not the only one

So... you know those weird dreams you have, the completely random ones?  I love to hear other people's dreams. It's so entertaining.  Yesterday my friend Dahlia told me she had a dream about Triceratops! Dahl:  You know,  had a dream about your child the other day.  Did you ask for a girl?  Because in my dream he was a little boy!

Me:  Uh, we left it sort of open.  A little boy, huh?

Dahl:  Yeah, he was three years old and very well-spoken.  We all went to fly kites together.

Me:  Articulate toddler, huh? I think we already have a few of those in the family.   And you came with us to Colombia?

Dahl:  Yeah, we drove.  It was a blast.  Also there were Roman soldiers there fighting in the background.  -Pause-  I'm not sure what that was about.

Me, neither Dahl,  but I love it!  An articulate kite-flying toddler sounds fun.  When Marjie was pregnant I imagined exactly what Lucy would look like and guess what, she looks exactly like I dreamed she would!

Posted on August 26, 2009 and filed under Adoption.