Flippin Awesome

As you might know I discovered my love of running whilst jamming to beat the Meter Maid over on Capitol Ave three years.  Ever since this belated discovery that I was capable of doing physical fitness type activities I've been trying to keep pushing the envelope a little.  From beating the meter maid I moved to a 10K and then a 1/2 marathon.  Since (for me anyways) doing a regular marathon is not only out of the question but also insane I'm temporarily on a swimming kick.  Swimming is great for lots of reasons: 1) Summers in Sac are H.O.T.

2) It's practically free at Sac City

3) I'm not good at it=lots of room from growth.

4) I have various neuroses fears about swimming=lots of room from growth.

Anyways, the first day my big accomplishment was getting in the pool because I'm kind of afraid of the deep end.  From there we moved to swimming a mile and now we're up to 2000 meters a day.  And butterflying, but now you can all just call me Emily Torres because I have crossed the last frontier: FLIP TURNS.

It seems easy, you just flip over and push off... unless you are a paranoid Wilipina with various water-related neuroses.  If that is your situation the flip turn is your Everest.   Everyday I would try to do it once or twice but I couldn't flip straight.  I was like a three year old learning to tumble.  Cute when you are three.  Dorkalotus maximus when you're pushing 30.  And then it was "Learn how to flip turn" day at the pool.  This involved surprisingly little instruction and 45 minutes of flip turning.  Emily and I headed for the wall over and over again.  There were multiple rounds of chickening out and much water up the nose.  I developed a bizarre fear that I'd crack my head on the bottom of the pool and started hand-standing before turning over.

And then like magic.  I did it.  I DID IT!

It is so much fun.  I now feel like a professional swimmer and flip turn just for the sheer joy of it and also to show off.  I think I might ask Lisa if I can get promoted to stellar status.

Posted on July 22, 2009 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.