Classic Little Brother

Anyone who knows my family knows that my little brothers are both very funny... and we watched a lot of TV as kids. My parents taped Disney movies for us on VHS which we would watch repeatedy. Re-peat-edly. Sometimes they didn't do a good job though... I didn't see the first 10 minutes of Star Wars till it was re-released in 1995. But I digress...Witness the following which I pulled off Kat's blog. Loves it!
So today I went to the zoo 10 minutes from Irvine with my friend Kristen
and one of the things they had there was a mini enclosure thing where you could
ride an elephant. And I was so sad watching this elephant, who walked in the
same circle ALL DAY practically with no breaks, with that hideous lei on its

As I'm recapping to Wes about my day, I was telling him how sad it was
seeing this elephant and... count on Wes to make me feel better hahaa he was so
cute I had to post about it...

Wes: The elephant probably didn't care cause he gets paid anyway
Kat: wait... what? paid? uh.... it lives there, it's stuck there
Kat: --ALL DAY" -sad face-
Wes: um, duh, he gets paid
Kat: What are you talking about??
Wes: Elephants get paid in peanuts dummy
Kat: uh.. i.. what...
Wes: Peanuts are way better than money for elephants
Kat: hahahah I can't believe you just said that
Wes: I can't believe you didn't know elephants got paid in
Kat: -laughing-
Wes: I mean... Haven't you watched Dumbo??

Posted on July 8, 2009 and filed under Maghanoy Madness.