Misadventures in Tahoe

Every two years or so we get the pleasure of hanging out with our good friends Brie and Shelle. We met them when we lived in Portland and although they now live in Philly we still keep in touch. Even better... they come with perks! We see them when they come to their family house in Tahoe and we get invited too! But there's a catch... of course there is always a catch.
Brie and I are somewhat disaster prone. You know, the kind of people who would both forget their wallets on the same day while trying to rent a video. And then if that's not humiliating at all maybe one of us would knock over a big display on the way out of Blockbuster. (Hint: It wasn't Brie) I think that together Brie and I create a forcefield of misadventures that is strong enough to affect people around us.
Last time we went to Tahoe it snowed crazy hard. It was astoundingly beautiful; the first time I've been in Tahoe during a really heavy snow like that. The whole weekend was a winter wonderland until we needed to go home. It only took 12 people 2 hours to push our car up the road. And our car was the easiest! Needless to say Brie missed her flight.
This time we tried to go for a picnic and a hike. We ended up choosing a hike with mosquito swarms so intense that we ended up eating in their rental Kia with our sweatshirt hoods up while the little monsters taunted us through the windshield. Did I mention that before that we tried to visit a farmers market that wasn't open? Or that we never even found the hike we originally intended to take?
If I sound like I'm whining don't be fooled. The best part of hanging with Brie and Shelle is that they are always down for an adventure. When we hang out things seem to go wrong in spades but the weird moments: the champagne spilled in the spa, the foodstamp lunches and the snowdrifts always turn into memories that are a million times better than the best laid plans.
Posted on June 23, 2009 and filed under Adventures in the World.