Cabbage Convert

I've never really liked cabbage that much. I find it too... something. And then I learned about fish tacos! (I also used to dislike fish, but that's another story). And then you know cabbage is all cancer fighting and low-calorie and healthy and what not so I started eating more.

But then cabbage and I had a little falling out when it started showing up too much in my CSA. It was there every week! And let me tell you a head of cabbage is a lot for two people. I was really about to tell cabbage, "I think we should go on a break"... and then Molly Wizenberg changed my life.

Molly is really famous for her food blog Orangette. She recently published a book which is wonderful. It's sort of a cookbook/short story book. I read it in about two days. I'm not too embaressed to say I cried a few times.

The real trick to the book are Molly's seductive descriptions of food. She is so good that out of all the delicious recipes in the book the one I most wanted to try was cabbage braised in cream. I know, right? Ewwww/weird. But I made it and Arnold and I ate a whole cabbage for dinner. Only cabbage. and it was DELICIOUS! Arnold is already hounding me for more cabbage. Normally it's not so healthy to eat cream, but when the only other ingredient in your dinner is cabbage it becomes so not a big deal. Bonus points to Molly for that.

And to my friend cabbage. I'm so sorry, I took you for granted. Please come back, I'm down on bended knee.

Posted on June 15, 2009 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends.