Free Time
When we I was in the grad program I used to wonder what the heck people did with their free time.  When you study and work at the same time it is a complete mystery as to how people fill their weekends.  I can only assume that people with children feel the same way towards childless people.  What are you freaking wasting your time on?
But now, as a person with just a single job to attend to I know what people do with their time! They have fun!  They watch Gossip Girl and eat sundaes.  They good on weekend trips!  When people invite us to go somewhere I still feel surprised that we can say yes instead of something lame about studying.  On memorial day weekend we went hiking at Pt. Reyes.  It would so fun!  I always though I wasn't outdoorsy but it turns out I was just freaking exhausted from school.  Please I'm telling you all, if I ever say that I am going back to get another degree, do me a favor and tie me up for at least a week.

Posted on June 2, 2009 and filed under Adventures in the World.