New list... for 2009

I made a new list, because well I love lists! Hopefully I'll get Straight A's on this one. :)

1) Re-design the blog 2) Fix the front yard. Everyone says it looks fine, but I don’t believe them. It looks like crap. 3) Paint more stuff/Buy stock in Benjamin Moore. (Arnold wants to “go wild in the bathroom with paint”, his words not mine. I swear.) 4) Become a rockstar at Tango. Easy peasy. 5) Turn 30. I think I’ll make it. 6) Go to New York and see In the Heights while it is still on Broadway with the original cast. Must. Save. Money. Diligently. 7) Learn some French. 8) Butterfly for 50 yards. (That’s right, swimming lessons are back!) 9) Get Nutty to obey commands 100% of the time. (This one is going to take the whole rest of the year)

What should 10 be? Suggestions?

Posted on May 20, 2009 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.