Report Card

Back in November I blogged a list of things I was going to do with my newly free non-studying time. Let’s re-visit my lofty goals, shall we?
1) Volunteer to do something at church- B+! I did some P.R. :)
2) Learn all the words to T.I.'s rap in "Live your life" Mm, I give myself a C+ on this one. I do not know it well enough to karaoke it. I think it’s time to accept that lyrics are not my strong point, unless of course we’re talking NKOTB or musicals.
3) Re-design the blog – I learned to embed videos, does that count?
4) Learn how to use my digital camera better- Rachel taught me that almost everything looks like crap with the flash. I’ve been taking that to heart but after my Panama trip I am painfully aware of how amateur my picture taking is.
5) Continue to indulge my NKOTB fanaticism – A+ ! We’re seeing them again this summer.
6) Read a book for fun – I’ve read so MANY! I am the valedictorian of this task.
7) Finish watching Season 3 of Entourage – A+ I watched Season 4 too.
8) Paint stuff around the house – B + OH, if only you knew how much stuff I’ve painted/will paint.
9) Learn new slang. Flunking out.
10) Exercise all my MA comp exam fat off. – I ran a ½ marathon with mixed results. Must be my jar of peanut butter a week habit. B+ for the effort, 140 minutes of running is still a lot of running.
Actually, for the most part I did really well, right? Some of those things actually became good habits, like reading and not using the flash on my camera. I think I’m going to make a new list because I love lists! Suggestions?