Tuesday is Fruit Day

Arnold and I belong to a CSA which means that every Tuesday we get a gigantic box full of fruits and vegetables from a local farm, plus a loaf of fresh baked bread from Davis. This means that every Tuesday we break out the olive oil and vinegar and eat roasted veggies and bread for dinner. It is pretty awesome.

The flip side of seasonal/local though is that sometimes I get new stuff that I've never used before like collard greens or fennel. Not only do I have to use it, but usually I have to use A LOT of it for several months. That's easy with tomatoes or eggplants but not as much when your not sure what your ingredient tastes like or how to cut it up. Thank heavens for google.

Anyways, on Tuesday we got Fava Beans for the first time. Since people are always raving about them I got kind of excited, that is until I learned that they have to be shelled twice. Inside they have this weird spongey white kind of fur. It's very weird looking but suprisingly soft. We ate them fried with bacon and green garlic, and we might be eating that every Tuesday for a few months. Yum!

Posted on April 30, 2009 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends.