Before-school Special

When I was a kid I went to my Grandma's house everyday before and after school. One year because of my parents commuting schedule we ended up spending more than two hours there every morning. Time with Grandma was awesome because she let us watch a movie EVERY MORNING! One year my brother Nate and I watched three different movies, every day, for an entire school year. Those movies were:

1) Wayne's World (Grandma got it for $5 at McDonald's) 2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Again, so awesome) 3) Star Trek IV -The one with the whales

So even though I do not consider myself a Trekkie (I've never even seen the other movies) I have watched A LOT of Star Trek IV. Then of course there was all the regular Star Trek I watched with my family.

One day, I like to think of this as "Best. Day. Ever." we watched Star Trek for like 5-6 hours and then my parents decided we should go see a Star Trek movie at the theater. 5-6 hours of TV and then the MOVIES! I died and went to heaven. Which Star Trek movie did we see?

Need you even ask?

Posted on April 24, 2009 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends, Maghanoy Madness.