Cyber Stalking 101

The girl in the pic above is my friend Susan. She is loveable for many reasons, but the most pertinent one for the purposes of this story is that she shamelessly encourages me to blog my little heart out. Yup, it's her fault. You can directly fan/hate mail directly to her at Anyways, the guy in the picture above is not Susan's boyfriend, he is a Canadian comedian who's name is Jon Lajoie. Jon LaJoie. Jon LaJoie. Jon LaJoie.

I put his name so many times in the hopes that he'll find this if he's googleing himself because although Mr. Jon LaJoie is not Susan's boyfriend, I think he should be! Based on this picture of them wearing curiously matching shirts I've decided they are a match made in internet fate! I mean, right? They are just enjoying themselves a little too much for them not to be boyfriend and girlfriend 4-ever!

This is why I've decided that Susan should start internet stalking Jon LaJoie. I've also suggested that she print the picture, put it in her wallet and just start telling people he's her boyfriend. Aren't I a good crazy lady stalker? If I hadn't got married so young I could've really come in to my own. You can all thank Arnold for marrying me at Anyways, Jon LaJoie, if you find your way here, e-mail me so we can get this Susan and you situation all cleared up.

Posted on April 23, 2009 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.