Puppy Love

Last September when we starting the contemplation of our adoption adventure Arnold said that I could have a puppy for my birthday... and then when Barry (RIP) knocked up Molly, Nutella started her journey to Casa Perez.  I have to admit that the day before she came home I was in Panama thinking "What am I getting myself into?" Puppies are expensive and wreck your stuff.  We'll never be able to go out!"  And some of these things have been true although neither of them have been as bad as I thought, but what has been so wonderful is that Nutella has brought us a lot of joy.  Everyday we sit around playing with her, caring for her and watching her grow up... and when I sit around with her I just think of how much more amazing (and difficult) it must be to raise a child.  To watch them change and grow.  Two months after my trip to Panama I still miss spending time with Dora and Bison.   How much more will we be attached to our own child?

Posted on March 8, 2009 and filed under Adoption.