Practically Perfect in Every Way

Today we met with the contact who is the Adoption agencies Colombian Program representative.  She was so wonderful.  Encouraging, engaging and warm... plus her spanish obviously kicked ass.  She actually used the word pulcritud at some point.  That's some high class Spanish peoples!  But  I digress. After reviewing our stats, age, citizenship, length of time married she declared us the "perfect adoptive couple for Colombia."  Excellent!  I love being perfect!

Seriously though, the process of applying for adoption is so invasive and critical it felt good to have someone say "You are the perfect adoptive parents".  It is your human right to get pregnant and have a baby without regard to your economic status, mental health, employment and vaccination history.  But if you adopt, you will be spending many months proving that you will be good parents.

People will come to our home to decide whether it is good enough for a child.  Our employers must send letters proving that we are empoyed, how much money we make and whether we are good workers.  Although I know it is a good thing that governments are going to great lengths to protect adoptive children, having to consantly document and defendwhy you are qualified to be a good parent wears a bit on the soul.  Talking to Janet today was like a cup of coffee in the middle of finals, a source of rejuvination to make it to the end.

Posted on March 22, 2009 and filed under Adoption.