Today was our first appointment out of the home-study.  It was surprisingly low-key and non-stressful.  The social worker came in and was immediately accosted by Nutella.  Luckily she liked dogs and thought that Nutty was adorable.  Thank God.   This was despite my best efforts to wear her out by taking her on a long early morning walk.  We even sprinted that morning!  Anyways, in the end it might have been for the best as she was for the most part, very cute and well-behaved with the social worker. Basically the social worker just asked about why we were interested in adopting and about our marriage.  How we divide up chores, solve conflicts and stuff like that.  As a married couple I would give Arnold and myself an A+ so I'm sure we passed that with flying colors.  She seemed a little doubtful about the size of our house, but what can I say?  I think space is more for adults then kids.  Our house would be considered quite large in say... Manhattan... or Tokyo.  To be fair, I might have just been imagining her skepticism.

Anyways, overall it was a very positive experience.  One thing the social worker really emphasized was the importance of being at home for the purpose of bonding early in the relationship so that the child can form an attachment  It seems impossible to stay at home 6 mo.+ when our employers will only be offering 6 weeks paid leave.  And by employers, I mean mine, not Arnold's.    I mean obviously we will stay at home as LONG as we possibly can, but realistically it is not possible for us to pay the bills on one salary, Arnold's salary alone is eaten by our mortgage.  It was kind of a hard moment.  I guess we will have to get used to being inadequate in the face of our child's needs.   In some ways I think that is healthy in spiritual sense, only God is perfect and sometimes I feel that when I have my sh*t too together I get a little cocky and complacent.  I'm sure parenthood will cure me of that affliction.  :)

Posted on March 6, 2009 and filed under Adoption.