Well, a little while ago I was feeling a bit...discouraged about the whole adoption stuff.  It can be very overwhelming and discouraging, but today hope sprung anew!  We got to speak to a couple who recently adopted their 2nd child from Colombia using our same agency.  They received a referral for a 6 month old girl only two months after having their application approved.  For us that was both exciting and terrifying.  For a point of reference, we will probably be getting our approval sometime in July/August, which means that things could go very fast from here.  Crazy fast. In other somewhat related news, although Arnold and I originally were very set on requesting a girl from Bogota or Santander we decided to requst a baby of either gender from any area.  We're leaving it up to God and ICBF's will.    Medellin?  Cali?  Boyaca?  Here we come!

Posted on March 27, 2009 and filed under Adoption.