Mothers and Daughters

Last weekend we gotten to hang out with my friend Justy and her Mom. Her Mom is cool first off because her name is Scholastica, which is unbelievable, but that's really her name. It is safe to say I will probably never meet another Scholastica. Her Mom is cool second of all because she's a very friendly and generous person. However I mostly like to hang out with Justy and her Mom because they are alike in the same exact way my Mom and I are like. They are both bossy and like to talk which leads to endlessly amusing disagreements. Last Saturday after a great brunch at Tower Cafe we headed back to our house where she looked at Casa Perez and pointed out our flowers... "These are quince flowers, they are good for Chinese New Years" I said "Oh, yeah, they used to be really tall and then Arnold hacked them down". Scholastica looked directly at Arnold and said "Next year you will let these grow tall and then I will come get them for Chinese New Year." Scholastica is small but like Justina she is a very commanding person. So Arnold did what any sane person would do... he said "Okay."

Posted on March 8, 2009 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.