A toast

cimg1621One of the first big things we've done to move towards adoption has been to collect letters of reference from our friends.  We chose to ask Debi, Lisa, Tina and Renee.  The letter were really nice.  If ever you be feeling low ask your friends to write you some letters of reference and I guarantee it will be an instant pick-me-up.  By the time I was done reading the letters I thought "Well, I guess maybe we are ready to have kids?"  At least 4 people think so. To thank our friends, we cooked a special dinner and had them come over so we could notarize their signatures.  I baked a lemon cake from scratch.  First cake I ever baked from scratch.  It was all so very domestic of me.  When it came time to settle in.  I raised my glass and said "To our wonderful friends and our future child".  For a split-second it was  a magic moment.  Then, Renee snickered and said "I bet you spent all day deciding on that toast"

Sad but true.  She was right on the money.  I had lots of time to plan my toast while making that friggin cake.

After making a mental note to limit future child's contact with Renee I kind of giggled to myself.  This is the problem with old friends, they know you way too well.

Posted on February 24, 2009 and filed under Adoption.