Shrimp and Milk

Tonight was bliss on every level. Nutty and I went on a long walk. It was Black History Month Potluck Day at work! And Obama showed our country how a president should deliver a speech. And... Arnold and I ate good, real good, but first a story....

My 3 year old niece Dora is learning how to order at restaurnats. Her Dad told me that even though she orders she isn't quite brave enough to direct her order to the server yet. As a result she ends up muttering to herself stuff like "I'd like milk and shrimp" while staring at her placemat. Knowing Dora she probably says something like "Actually, I want milk and shrimp"Well... Dora, when I made this recipe it made me think of that story and I think my dinner was just a little yummier because of it.

Dora's "Milk and Shrimp" Sandwich.

1) Buy a bag of frozen Langostino tails at TJs. Defrost them. In these "tough economic times" (newscasters new favorite annoying phrase) you could also use canned shrimp or tuna.

1.5) Cut up some bread and toast.

2) Cut up a handful of basil. Mix with 1 tb of mayonais and 1 tbs. of creme fraiche or mascrapone cheese, or whatever creamy cheese you have around. Or just use mayonaise.

3) Add salt and lemon juice. Don't be wussy with the lemon juice, it makes a difference in the taste.

4) Sit down on couch where puppy cannot reach you. Stick sandwhich in mouth and enjoy Obama's speech.

P.S. You could also add paprika and pepper as per the recipe I based this on. Love you Jamie Oliver.

Posted on February 24, 2009 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends, Livin la Vida Loca.