Last Day in Boquete

Boquete is a really beautiful city.  This morning we went on an amazing hike through the cloud forest.  The air was crisp and clean and we were totally surrounded by really dense tropical foliage.  Other highlights of today include:

1) Petting a bay sloth at the animal rescue center.  Who knew that baby sloths are adorable?  Maybe it's the name "sloth" that is a turn off.  In Spanish they are called "ositos perezosos" or "ositos dormilones" which means lazy bears or sleepy bears.  Much cuter and more apt.  Apparently they spend most of the day sleeping so obviously we have a lot in common.
2)  Capuchin monkeys.  They are freakishly strong and will reach through the cage and steal your sunglasses  I thought one of them was going to pull my jacket off.
3) So. Many. Beautiful.  Birds.  I think my favorite were the fluffy pink macaws.  Our guide was scratching his head to reveal a fuschia feather.  He told me that sometimes "Sam" the macaw falls asleep while he pets him.
4) Margays - This is kind of like a mini-leopard.  When she purred it sounded like she was going to kill us.  It probably didn't help that she was bashing the cage trying to get us to pet her.
5)  Bilingual talking parrots.  I guess even the parrots in Boquete speak perfect Spanish and English.
Posted on January 11, 2009 and filed under Adventures in the World.