So far being here in Boquete has been great.  After sharing a twin bed with Arnold in Colombia the luxury here is outrageous!  Plus my baby cousins Bison and Dora seem to only be getting cuter with time.  Panama looks a lot like Arnold's home state of Santander but it seems so different because almost half the population here in Boquete are retirees from the states.  So not only are there tons of gringos but many, many people here speak English which I find a little disorienting.  Tomorrow we are going on a tour of a coffee plantation.  Apparently one that won some international coffee competition last year and sold their coffee for $108 a pound,  A POUND.  That is crazy considering that the price of coffee goes up once it is roasted.  If I get to taste it tomorrow I'll let you know what reallllly pricey coffee tastes like.

Posted on January 9, 2009 and filed under Adventures in the World.