Best New Years Ever

Usually I spend New Years falling asleep on the couch, or partying in Davis with three billion Colombians... but as fun as both of those options are I´ve always felt that maybe there was a greater New Years Eve destiny waiting for me. And I found it! For New Years we were in Cartagena which is on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. And it was crazy! It was kind of like what you imagine the Carnival in Rio to be like, but maybe less debaucherous. But still, tropical with people EVERYWHERE! The ambiance was unbelievable. Plus two of my favorite singers were giving an outdoor concert. (Cabas and Joe Arroyo) for those who are curious. Combine that with fireworks and the awesome weather and it really doesn´t get better.

Also as usual there was a good dose of Colombian weirdness, like the playlist. At midnight for some reason they decided to play the Colombian national anthem. What that has to do with New Years is not really clear to me, especially since Colombia has it´s own sort of Auld Lang Syne song called 5 pa´los doce. The Colombian national anthem was followed up by some 70s folkloric music, New York New York by Frank Sinatra and... Holiday by Madonna. This was only made more amusing by the fact that most people were good and drunk by the time Sinatra came on so there was a lot of Rockette style kicking. There was also a guy that we decided was Dutch dancing around drunkenly. His outfit was OFF THE HOOK, for the biggest Colombian holiday of the year he decided to wear Addidas capris, a tank top, some kind of croc type sandals and a fanny pack. I mean, how much sexier can you get? This is what he chose to wear despite the fact that there were thousands of Colombian women strutting around in sky high heels and strapless dresses.

After that we wandered around down town only to discover the whole staff of the Cartagena Hard Rock Cafe performing YMCA for a huge crowd of people. And I mean performing... apparently Colombians do not know how to do the YMCA dance, which to me is obviously inconceivable. By then it was about 3 am which is actually really early for Colombians, but which I considered an achievement. So me and my entourage decided to go home because 3 am is kind of the line between Dutch foreigners drunkenly dancing and Dutch foreigners starting to puke. And I really wanted to stay on the side of the drunkenly dancing line.

Posted on January 5, 2009 and filed under Adventures in the World.