English Lessons

I'm writing live from Bogotá where we've been having a crepe filled fun time. During the time we've been here Arnold has been teaching his Mom phrases in English. He usually does this when I'm not around and then she busts them out at random times to impress me. So far she's been doing a lot better than she did with her phone call to China that went something like "Colombia Mother Emily" Anyways, yesterday she almost fell crossing the street, after that she turned to me and said "Are you kidding me?" Which is even funnier when it comes out sounding like "R Jew keedingme" But I think the best was yesterday. Arnold said "Mom come over here and get in line with us" she turned to him and said, in surprisingly perfect English "helllllllllllllllll no!" Arnold was a little bit embarrassed since we were at a tourist site surrounded by English speakers" That's when Carmen said "Oh, I am so sorry. My pronunciation was terrible"

Posted on December 29, 2008 and filed under Adventures in the World.