Best. Idea. Ever.

Yesterday, EmD, Debs and I were lamenting the fact that we have nowhere to dress up for. Sac truly is a fun place to live, but it is not the kind of city where you get dressed up regularly, unless of course you : 1) Involved in politics 2) Rich. I work in public health, Em is unemployed and Debs is a school teacher, so we are all summarily disqualified for either of those caveats.

Early in the day Arnold and I were discussing the fact that I am going to be arriving back to Sac the day before the inauguration which I thought I would be missing due to my Panama trip ( I know, I suffer, I suffer). Anyways, on that historic night we felt it important to party, but what kind of party? Will people come party on a Tuesday night? After a month of vacation will I be able to host a party the first day I get back (since I do have to work that day)? Will the house be clean? What about all my laundry? What parts of the inauguration will be televised?

You know that at Chez Perez, it's always an ongoing debate of deep, existential questions.

So back at Debs house, faced with a closet of bridesmaid dresses with no future an idea began percolating. OMG you guys we can have an INAUGURAL BALL at my house! It will be LEGEN-DARY! When our (as yet imaginary) kids ask us what we did when Obama was sworn in we'll tell them about the HUGE party we had... in formal wear... on a Tuesday... at tiny little Casita Perez!

So that's how I got myself involved in hosting an inaugural ball at my house the first day of getting back from a month long international trip. I am quite sure that on the morning of Tuesday January 20 I will hate myself for this decision. I will curl up in my bed in the fetal position and berate myself "What was I thinking?" However, I am equally sure that the night of Jan 20, with a new president and a hopeful future and all my friends dressed up and partying like it's 1999 I won't care.

Posted on December 14, 2008 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.