Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

I have been mildly obsessed with getting a fedora for awhile, but a certain friend (ahem, Justy) forbade me to buy a hat. And I had to agree, I'm not exactly an urban hipster or Alicia Keys for that matter. Anyways. After much consultation in Urban Outfitters Arnold and I decided that if the majority of my co-workers decided it was cute I could wear a hat. The consensus? 2 out of 3 said yes! Yay! I think even Greta and Shauntay were surprised that it wasn't hideous. Sara said something along the lines of "I wouldn't wear it but you are pulling it off" which is exactly what I would say to someone who was wearing something crazy, but no worries, she was very polite. So here I am with my hat. Today I wore it with a trench coat and thought "Wow, I look like Carmen Sandiego". You know what though, I NEED fedora. It keeps my head warm and also I need it when I sing "Please don't go girl"
Posted on December 3, 2008 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.