Three Long Years

I have been imagining this moment for three years... And it's finally arrived. Today I can officially change my title to Emily Perez, MA. I have a lot of weird stories about the process such as when one of the professors decided to give a speech about how smart Arnold is during my results, and THEN had the nerve to ask me if I got a Masters Degree to get closer to my husband. I kind of just stared at him in disbelief until one of my other professors innocently and sweetly said "Oh, no, she has this really successful job in health. She got her degree to advance in her career" Bless your heart Prof. Avendano and eff off to Professor "He who shall not be named"

I cannot tell you how relieved it is over, I feel somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of free time I'll have now? Luckily, Christmas, Colombia la tierra querida and Panama la Florentina are right around the corner.

Posted on November 22, 2008 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.