I would call this Operation NICE post No. 2 except that this story is way too amazing to just be that. Today I had lunch with my friend Jason who told me the BEST story, although it didn't start out so well. A few months ago, Jason needed a $58,000 loan. Like, SERIOUSLY needed the money. Obviously, this isn't so easy to get. I won't go into why he needed the loan because that's detailed personal business, but I will be clear that the reason was NOT irresponsibility, a subprime mortgage or bad planning. Jason is extremely straight-laced and conservative with his money. In short, in terms of money management, Jason is the male me, plus he's an engineer. But, you know sometimes life happens and you end up unexpectedly needing large sums of money in the midst of a huge credit freeze. So, Jason, went outside, sat down on the curb and prayed hard, as you do when you need $58k and have no way to get it. And he said "I just sat there praying, and I kept thinking about loaves and fishes. And I just said "Please God, I really need this money." Then because Jason is a good Christian boy he headed off to his once a month prayer group. To be clear Jason doesn't know the people in this group very well, they only hang out once a month, it's not his regular bible study or church. So he goes and tells the group about his situation and they pray for him and the other stuff they are scheduled to pray for etc... and then at the end, a man from his prayer group comes over, pulls out his checkbook, writes a check for $58,000 dollars and says "This is from my home equity of credit. You can pay me back however works best for you."


When Jason told me this story, I spent the first half with my head in my hands saying 58K over again in a very distressed sort of way. I spent the second half of this story saying OH MY GOD, in a very shocked sort of way. I kind of feel like I know what the Psalmists were feeling when they wrote all those songs.

Here's the thing though, even though this is obviously an amazing story, as a Christian I have seen miracles of this magnitude many times in my life, Christians aren't spouting off crap like "With God all things are possible" for no reason, we say stuff like that because we've seen it true. There are a lot of things that are difficult about being a Christian, people treating you like you are dimwitted(I live in CA remember), inconvenient moral dilemmas, and of course mostly, dealing with other Christians(we are annoying people)... but in moments like this it is so easy to remember why I am a Christian. I am a Christian because God is real, and I know that because so many, many times in my life I have seen God move peoples hearts to perform extraordinary acts of kindness. Life is always happening, bringing injustice, tragedy and heartbreak, but believing in Jesus gives me hope everyday that things can get better.

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