I love the interweb

You can't make this stuff up. Lately I have been "busy" trying to sell our NKOTB tickets for San Jose so that we can buy some for the Arco show and avoid a 3 hour traffic filled trip to the South Bay. Today I talked to someone who all call Annie to protect her privacy. We had the following AWESOME e-mail conversation. (My replies in italics)

hi do you still have these 4 tickets for sale?...

I do have the tickets. We're selling them because we'd prefer to go the Arco show.

Ya gas prices suck... ok im making calls right now to my sister and two friends see if they are down to buy these tickets... ok just talked to my older sis... she's having dinner with her bff tonight... and going to tell her... can you possibly put these tickets on hold for my sis and our 2 friends?

Sounds good! So fun to go as a group! (Yes, I know I am a dork, who would go to a concert by themselves?)

Thank you sooo much... yes we went as a group last time... in 1989.. I was six years old... lol... my first concert... but yes I will contact you by this evening as soon as she sees her friend... so all four for sure... thank you.

That's so funny! I went in 1989 to the concert at the Cow Palace. It was my first concert also. :)

LOL.... THATS FUNNY.. We saw them at the Oakland Coliseum... ah good times... funny I still fit into my old NKOTB t-shirts... I was chubby back then so they fit me perfect now,... lol and i am going to wear it! ah just had to share that , thought it was funny... but yes I will call you asap this evening to confirm,.... thanks for holding them,,, I really appreciate it

How AWESOME is that? Sometimes, I just love the internet! Thanks to my friend Hizzy who is helping me sell the tickets in far away San Jose!
Posted on October 2, 2008 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.