Gang Colors?

Remember how I was going on and on about my soon to be cousin-in-law's amazing closet organization? Well, I was deciding what to wear to their upcoming wedding and I thought... hey, "Why not merchandise my closet?" Which means that yes, I am officially boring. Weirdly, it also brought to my attention that I have no yellow or orange in my wardrobe. Hmmm.....

The lack of brightness of colors in my wardrobe also reminds me of something that in middle school. Way back in the El Dorado Jr. High Days it was the "beginning" of gangs. All the parents were freaked out about gangs. Even better the school sent a letter home discouraging parents from letting their kids from wearing gang colors. My friend's Mom decided that she didn't want her kid dying in an accidental gang shooting and removed all black, red and blue from her wardrobe. The next week poor Hizzy showed up in all orange and yellow clothes. She used to wear black everyday. I wonder if she has orange and yellow in this wardrobe?

Posted on September 22, 2008 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.