An accomplishment and breaking news...

Last week I finally sat down and tried to figure out how the hell Facebook works. I mean, obviously, I get how to sign up and all that, but I didn't get the purpose of it... it mystified me, much like texting did/sort of still does. I decided to fix mine up so that I could check up on a friend of mine that lives in Chile... but in the process of fixing it all up I realized it's appeal... you can find people through people! In the past week I've found numerous friends who I haven't talked to in years, because I had absolutely NO IDEA where they were. One is living in Japan with a wife and child I've never met! One met a guy on the internet and moved to Argentina... you get the idea... It is SO FANTASTIC... a little like stalking, but hey, that's the internet. It's also good because some friends are flaky and do not understand simple things like how to use the telephone. Like my friend Marjie, she is a great person, but returning calls is apparently a technology that she doesn't grasp. This is a problem when you know, she is expecting a baby any day and you VERY MUCH want to know about the baby's arrival but KNOW that your friend is not going to call you. Which is when FACEBOOK becomes awesome! Because of Facebook I know that last night Lucia Harper entered the world and made everything so much sweeter!

When my niece Dora was born, a friend of her Mom's posted a very sweet letter to Dora on her blog... and now little Lucy, I'm gonna do the same for you.

Hi Ms. Lucy, This is your Tia Emilia, I haven't met you yet. But I hugged you lots of time while you were growing in your Mom and I already love you VERY MUCH. It's important that you know some things about your Mom. 1) She is of the anxious variety. This will be hard on you as a teenager, but I learned a trick when we were roomates. If you feed her regularly, she is much calmer.... you can thank me later for that one. 2) Your Mom didn't always have curly hair, it turned that way when she was 13... so don't get too used to the hair your born with. Also your Mom loves compliments about her hair. They build her confidence. So tell her she's pretty, with especially pretty hair. 3) Your Mom loves to have her back scratched... if you want a favor/or did something back. I sugest scratching her back before deliverng the news/request. It might sedate her into saying yes/not hearing your confession clearly.

Okay Lucy, let's review. 1) Feed your Mom 2) Compliment the hair 3) Scratch her back when you need something.

Welcome to the world sweet Lucita! I can't wait to met you in person!

Posted on September 8, 2008 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.