Lazy summer days?

It's hard to describe how lazy I've been over the last few weeks... I feel like my friend who told me that she was "done working hard" when she had no kids and a 20 hour work week. For example tonight I've eaten a box of Mac N' Cheese and listened to New Kids on the Block and it's exhausting. Yesterday I watched all of Season 1 of Top Design. Not good my friends, not good. It's gotten so bad that I actually am considering writing this blog as being productive. All of this effort of course it to avoid exercise and studying for my M.A. Program exit exams. Or maybe it's some kind of post-China depression? Alas all isn't lost, we've been somewhat active over the last few weeks... and super productive before that.

For example... we put the finishing touches on our "bedroom makeover". Eat your heart out HGTV!

We hooked up with Gma and hit up the De Young Chiluly exhibit in SF. There was also some Frjtz and Miette action while we there. And if you haven't gone up to the new De Young tower, I highly suggest it. It's free with your entrance fee. The Chiluly exhibit, was also very cool. It's at the De Young until Sept. 28

And then we continued on our quest to lend credence to Arnold's gringo card when Dahlia and Mark gave us free tickets to a Rivercats game. Free is best! Also because we didn't have time to go to the ATM, Dahlia and Mark gave us spending money. Dahlia said "Mark just give them $40 so they can play however they want." I tell you people, you can't buy friends like that! Dahlia is an old friend from Junior High who designs plug-in Prius cars. She drives one around a lot and I get a little over-excited. Of course she just broke me the news that the Prius doesn't fly, so that was somewhat disappointing, but I digress. The baseball game was fun. Although Arnold didn't quite get the hang of the Chicken dance or know any of the words to "Take me out to the ballgame", he very much enjoyed the Kielbasas and the Beers of the World vendor.

Posted on September 4, 2008 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.